Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pizza & some bonus Ciabatta too

What's not to like.....

Pizza Bianca - of sorts

The HGC&B house was hosting the whole extended family for dinner last week.... & I decided to make Pizza. Pizza dough is a simple dough, but you have to get your hands dirty as it is wetter than your standard bread dough.

Feeding 6 adults plus the kids, I needed a lot of dough, so my ingredients were:

  • 1Kg strong white flour
  • 3tsp salt
  • 30g yeast
  • 760ml water - not quite cold
  • 100ml olive oil

After 10 mins of kneading the dough rests for about an hour, or until doubled in size - the dough is very active due to the large amount of yeast.

I need a bigger mixing bowl.
After that you just get making pizza's - roll the dough out nice & thin on a WELL FLOURED SURFACE, transfer to your pizza paddle (if you have one - i use a large baking sheet for this purpose), make your pizza up however you like, & get it in the oven - 10-12mins as hot as your oven goes should do it.

Ready to go in the oven
 I should add at this point, that a baking stone is very useful!

Baking stone - one of the world's best things

After making a couple of tomato based pizza's we ran out of sauce, so moved onto Pizza Bianca, using up some leftover roasted squash  with some Rosemary from the Garden.

 We actually couldn't finish all the dough, so I quickly knocked up a couple of Ciabatta  with the remaining. The dough was lovely & pillow-like after all the hanging around, so after a quick roll in some semolina flour it stretched out perfectly before having it's turn in the oven.


Perhaps this dough is the most versatile of all doughs....it also makes perfect dough balls.

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