Monday, 25 November 2013

Quick lunch baking

Roti's or Chapati's - the staple food of most of India: the majority are too poor to afford the Tandoor (oven) required for Naan Breads. 

How cheap, quick and easy is this: to make 6:

100g wholemeal flour. 
2g salt
80g water

Knead for 5 mins or so. Divide into 6 equal portions and rest for 15 mins.

Then, just rolled out as thin a possible on a heavily floured surface. 

In a heated pan you then just dry-fry for about  90 seconds, keep turning then over every 15 seconds. 

Great fun:

Every couple of Chapati's it's worth just tapping the burnt flour dust out of your pan. A little adds something, but too much starts to look ugly and i suppose could affect flavour.

All done. Now, where's my curry?

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