Monday, 23 December 2013

Crackers for christmas cheese - better living through experimentation

For lunch today i was thinking about making pizza, but then decided better of it: it was time to start opening the xmas cheese selection, so needed a new plan.

experimenting with Ciabatta/Pizza dough

I'd already got the pizza dough proving at this stage, so decided to go for a simpler garlic and rosemary bread that could be eaten with the cheese. 

rapidly becoming a house favourite snack.

Rosemary Bush in front garden comes in handy again

lots of slashes to get the garlic butter to run into the dough.

Realising there was a lot of dough - 1/2kg of dough makes a lot of pizza - I thought to try something new: rolling the dough super thin and then cutting it to make italian styled crackers. I mixed some freshly cut rosemary into some of the dough to see how that came out. 

Patient work

So, pretty happy with the results, and definitely something to try again in the future with some other ingredients like sundried tomatoes.

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